Thanks for coming to our website. We are a group of dedicated, talented, and (admittedly) crazy people who use Halloween as a creative outlet for our artistic abilities, performances, and love of creepy things.

We started off as a home haunt ten years ago that catered to my neighborhood. Now we are involved in photography, prop building, make up instruction, choreography, fire performances, consulting for local charity haunts, costuming, set design, lighting design, sound and video editing...and more.

We are blessed with machinists, computer engineers, beauticians, construction gods, painters, musicians, belly dancers, dancers, sliders, burlesque dancers, actors, and people from all walks of life. Please contact us if you are interested in being a part of our vision. We enjoy working with other people and are interested in improving our own skills and helping teach new ones.

The haunted house still remains the main focus and gathering point for most of our activities but other projects are always in the works. We would love to have you involved.

OUR GOAL is to build a collective of people who can help each other learn, grow, and become better at what we do. And what we do seems to keep getting bigger...and more fun. The screams are our reward...

Founder of Nightmare Playgrounds